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We strive to ensure accuracy standards by following a four step sequential approach to maintain consistancy, quality and usability of the data. The processes are explained below:
Training: We at precision give paramount importance to the quality of work carried out by us. All our staff engaged in field work or office works are trained to handle a wide array of requirements that may arise while carrying out the responsibilities assigned to them. Regular training sessions are held to update, share and synergies each of the team member.
Technology: We at Precision Surveys believe in the holistic use of technology and their importance in adding value & benefits to the jobs we undertake. The quality of a job largely depends on the quality of the hardware & software used to carry it out, though it does not solely dependent on it. Either way it is important to use equipments & technology of superior make and service. All the equipments used by us are of standard make and well maintained. The equipments used are regularly calibrated to maintain their operational integrity by following the equipment maintenance schedule diligently. In addition to the hardware setup we also use professionally made licensed software’s which seamlessly integrates the varied field data to produce organized tangible results.
Procedure: Every job undertaken by us follows a standard operating procedure which is listed in the form of a work method statement for different types of jobs. A procedural check list is created for every job which highlights the parameters followed and is a part of the regular training schedule for all the staff.
Verifications: All the jobs carried out by us are screened at several stages to weed out any anomalies that may have crept in. There are field checks to verify the accuracies at site, office checks to verify data collated, correction software’s to rectify and make corrections to the data, manual checks by experienced professionals to verify the final results.
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080 23392043 / 23393603
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