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Property valuers in Bangalore
We are approved property valuators in Bangalore with specific experience in real estate evaluation. Appraising or estimating the value of a property is required for various reasons such as private real estate financing, valuation for bank loans, investment analysis, evaluation under wealth tax to find the rate of returns on investment, valuation for court settlements etc. But most importantly it is useful to an investor in determining or evaluating the asking or purchase price of a property.

Appraising a property or a plant & equipment is done by adopting various methods like cost approach, sales comparison approach, income approach etc to arrive at the current value of a property but the accuracy of the appraisal depends upon the meticulous collections of specific data which is a skill that is honed with time and experience. We at Precision Surveys have over 20 years experience in the realty sector & have witnessed the changing scape of Bangalore realty. To our credit we have evaluated properties worth over 30 Million INR.
080 23392043 / 23393603
Precision Surveys India Pvt Ltd
9886077928 / 9945666007
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