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Services > Due Diligence Survey Audits
We carry out detailed Due Diligence Survey Audits to appraise the clients regarding the technicalities of properties shortlisted for purchase or that are intended to be purchased in order to be sure that there are no hiccups or problems that the clients may face due to suppression of facts regarding the property. The survey audit is a tool that helps in making confident decisions as it provides detailed insights into the accuracy of area under transaction, identifying encroachments if any, compliance to the statutory requirement of various government regulatory bodies etc. The survey audit covers various aspects listed below:
Verification of Land area mentioned as per government records, deed documents with the actual extent of land physically available. A consolidated comparative area statement report survey number wise is provided.
Ingress into the property or egress into adjoining property that may have taken place is verified based on the land records and the same is reported in drawings along with areas & extents.
Verifying the existence of any Kharab land, gomala land (grazing pastures), Raja Kaluave (natural storm water drains), water bodies, public pathways etc within the property and Identifying any encroachments that may have taken place by referring to government land records.
Cross verifying the land use in accordance to CDP & identifying/demarcating land notified by any of the government agencies.
If the building is already constructed then Cross verification of FAR mentioned in approved plans with the actual FAR constructed at site by preparing accurate measured drawings.
Verification to check compliance with regards to zoning regulations, building bye law requirements, KSPCB regulations, BWSSB regulations, AAI requirements, fire department requirements etc.
Carrying out flood risk assessment by conducting a detailed study of the topography in and around the property and assessing the existing drainage system and preparations of reports along with recommendations.
Preparation of property valuation reports based on the requirements.
Study of easement rights and reporting the same.
080 23392043 / 23393603
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9886077928 / 9945666007
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